Back again


Hellooooo everyone! I am back after one CRAZY summer now, so much has happenend, crazy how so much can change in so little time! I will fill you in bit by bit though...
I am in Sweden right now and my friend is here visiting from London so I've been showing her around Malmö and Copenhagen and although we had fun fun fun I am knackered! Pics will come soon ya'll. I hope all is good and I will see you soon again!


Closet news

Im in lurveee!


Miss Greta

Day Birger et Mikkelsen Military print tunika

By Malene Birger Byers cashmere cardigan

Essentiel Veerle silk blouse

Campomaggi Bag with rivets

Everything is available at Miss Greta!

Antik Batik

How hot is this smal swing bag fromAntik Batik? I love it!
You can find it at Shopbop.

Midnight snack

I was a bit hungry so I made myself a midnight snack Mmmm!!
Off course it's vegetarian, don't get it twisted!

Want but can't have

Oh Oh Oh Oh I'm in lurve! I want them so bad, but no! I'm doing a intervention on myself!
This faith mienna stud detail flat boot is from Asos if your interested.


Taking of Pelham 123

Just came home from the cinema, I saw "Taking of Pelham 123". It was actually really good, I recommend! Deffo worth a visit, but I actually wanted to see a comedy and laugh a bit, but hey you have to compromise, right?
Im wearing my new super cosy cardi, lovz. A good buy!


You live in my memories

Part of the list- Ne-yo

Closet news

Did some shopping today and came across these oh-so-nice studded boots at Zara, love at first sight! So of course they had to move in with me.


Found a cute little store the other day and fell in love with these leather high-heels with rivets, super nice. The store is called Bohemian Rhapsody No.8 and you can find it on Regementsg. 8 in Malmö or you can visit their home page on Bohemianrhapsody.se

Where to eat in Malmö: Greekway

Greekway located on Södra Vallgatan 3 in Malmö, close to kanalen. It's a greek resturant and if your big on feta cheese this is the place to visit! They play really nice greek music inside too, super cosy.
The halloumi burger is my favorite but they have a really nice buffet during lunch hours. The whole menu is really nice and they have lots of vegetarain options. And the best of all is that they have very nice and tasty desserts, Mmm! This is my all time favorite restaurant.



Close my eyes..

Late Night Alumni-Sunrise Comes Too Soon

River Island

Found lots of nice footwear from River Island, these are some of my favorites.


Snack of the day: Drömmuffins

Chocolate muffins with vanilla filling by Godbiten Konditori, they are so good. Mouth orgasm!!

So why does your pride make you run and hide? Are you that afraid of me?

Elliot Yamin-Wait for you

New arrivals

Reiss has a new collection out and I must say, It does not look to good. The new web page sucks big time! But I did find some cute jackets, the pink one is just to adorable.

Review: YSL Pure Lip Gloss

What YSL Pure Lip gloss nr 2. It's a lovely light pink color. Gives the lip a hint of glaze pink. It smells sweat and tastes really good (Mmm)

How No need for explanation!

Ingredients Bunch of non-important stuff

Where It's available almost everywhere, I bought my at Åhlens City in Malmö

More When it wears off it leaves that horrible white line on the inside of the lips, this is a big no-no when it comes to lip glosses!

Rating 4/5

I be on the hotline, like err’day