Wihoo today is the day, Valborg. I love this day so fun, it's like new years only it's worm! wihoo right now Im getting my shit togheter to go to the "country" (well not really the country) to chill and engage myself in some fun activities. We are planing a barbeque and some ppparety harteyy. We will be shaking our assez at Minestry later this evening. Wish you all a happy Valborg and a very drunken Valborg. You'r missing out London!

Kisses Malmö

Closet news

Some new sunglasses and finally I have my nerd-glasses, Im so wearing them 2night! And some random bijoux...H&M baby H&M

..anf the best lip balm in the world, rosebud bought it at Kicks.

Kisses Malmö

Hotness alert

omg omg omg...hurry topshop

Kizzez Malmö


Slurp slurp

I just started a new morning regime.
1 lemon squeezed in hot water and some honey to sweeten things up!

ps. I started this trend so don't you bitches start copying me!

Kisses Malmö

LOL of the day

-En kille ~17 pratar i mobilen med vad som verkar vara hans flickvän.
Killen: Jag är så kär i dig att jag skriver det på varenda sten, jag hoppas du får en i huvudet så du förstår hur jag känner.

-Två män ~30 sitter och lyfter tyngder.
Man 1: En elev hade trätt på kondomer på skolans datorer idag! Min kollega frågade varför han gjorde det.
Man 2: Varför gjorde han det för ?
Man 1: Han sa att han inte ville att datorerna skulle få virus.

-Tre tjejer, två av dem ~17 och den andra ~20 och en kille ~22 sitter och pratar.
Tjej 1 ~ 20: Jag mår inte så bra…
Tjej 2: Jag har tabletter!
Tjej 3: Jag har cigg!
Killen: Jag har alkohol!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, am I they only one finding this funny?

Kisses Malmö



Chain sunglasses, me likie

Denim blazer, me likie 2.

Both items are from one of my favorite stoez Urbano outfittors. I zink they are ferry cool!

Kiizzez Malmö

How amazing is Kaney?

Can you count how many times he says Amazing in this song? But I have 2 admit it's priiitii amaziin' (after you listend to it atleast 5 times)

Amaziingness from Malmö

So amaziing

AHH this dress is soo cute! But it's from forever21 and there sizes are kinda fucked up. I bet it's not even long egnof to be a dress..hmm

What evah Malmö

When it was good

When it was good- Flipsyde

Kisses Malmö

Drink of the day

My substitute for Burn today is, Frank's energy drink. Mmm, it's so good! Try it!

Kisses Malmö


I really really want a new maxi dress, but have not found one that fits me yet..I like this one from Oasis pretty & cute, but I don't know if I like the shit in the middle hangin..hm

Kisses Malmö

Trash talking

Want to read trash about Swedish bloggers???
Click hurr

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Today I did a smoothie just like my Idol, she's the bitchs that invented Smoothies so now I have to do them as well..tihihih

Kisses Malmö

Snack of the day

Tortilla chips with Sour Cream & BBQ..mmm

Kisses Malmö

Hotness of the day

pic from nitot
! I like her eyebrows

Kisses Malmö


Rock n Blue

This blue suede jacket from Rock n blue is some hot news in my closet. It darker in real life and looks fabo on, oh I lurve it!!

Kisses Malmö

Bobbi Brown

My last visit to London I bought this pot rouge for lips and cheeks from Bobbi Brown the colors called "Calypso Coral". It's really good but I haven't used it to much because my lips have been so dry. But it gives lots of color doesn't come of easily eather.

Kiises Malmö

Closet news

Studded bracelet from M.G denim, Shoes Zara, bracelet from Gina Tricot, Fringe bag from Dixie

Kisses Malmö

Flower power

Oh, I almost (almost) forgot about my hotness gladiator sandals from last summer. It's time to start using them again can't take these smelly cat feet beeing locked in hot shoes!

Kisses Malmö


This weekend I was in Copenhagen and eat my first Foccacia. A Foccacia is like a bred that reminds you of a Pizza, but it thicker and has lots of dough. I decided to only eat the tomato and pesto on top and left th nasty dough behind. It looked very tasty when I bought it, but it wasn't all that.

Muwaah Malmö



In Sweden we take Studenten, this guy brought it to a nother level.

Muwaah Malmö



Right now Im craving this burger, but I can't be bothered moving my lazy ass to the kitchen. Guess I need to hit the bed and forget all about this delicious treat.
ps. NO that is not a horse

Meat is shit, and if you don't like that fuck you right back Malmö

Monki Girl

Cutisson stuff from Monki, how cute is the little black vest (first pic) gotza love it!

Eat me Malmö


Aaaw how cute is this pink dress from Manoush, I love it. Totally girly ya'll

Muwaaah Malmö

My lipps are like sugha

Flo rida ft Wynter- Sugar



Today I did some (note some!) window shopping and saw this lipgloss from MAC cosmetics but in a pink shade, I think it's called "Love Alert". It was so hot, lots of glitter. I usually never use lipgloss with glitter but this one was so hotness and it would look great with my new bronze look. Need to go back to the store and check the lipgloss out again cuz I can't stop thinking of it. I hope it's not to sticky and thick.
ps. The lipgloss is hotter in real life, and the color doesn't fit the pic.

-Extra Amps

-Love Alert

Muwaah Malmö


Some new bronz news in my makeup collection.

-bronze highlighter, creamy with lots of glitter
-big brush great for bronzing the body with
-eyeshadow palette with 4 summer colors
-instant spray-on bronzer, the best sprey-on bronzer ever! Im addicted to this product you have to try it. Gives a lot of color without leaving the skin looking orange and you can spray the whole body with it and get a gret tan.

Isadora definitely has the best makeup I ever tried, and I've tried them all.

Muwaaah Malmö

Whats ap?

Hello bloggie, whats ap wiff you my love? Im just shillin' in da school doin' some design stuffisson. Sitting hur alone with my ibaby and listening to John Legend, we want it again and again...yeh yeh yeh..do it again and again and again...

This is what Im up to..what about you?

Muwaah Malmö



How you doin' ??
pic. from FaceHunter

Muwaah Malmö

Wedding dress?

Okey, I wouldn't wear it on my wedding buy I would wear it this summer fo sho.The cute thing is that you can wear it in different styles, me likie. A real goddess dress.
Buy here

Muwaah Malmö

Peaches n Cream

This dress is so cute, the top made from cotton. And the skirt made from very soft off white tulle and the outer from peach tulle with layers upon layers of peach and cream fabrics. It's a little princess dress. And to top it off, it's handmade.

Muwaah Malmö

Queen ring

How cute is this silver ring shaped like a crown, with swarovski crystals.
This listing is for a crown ring with clear swarovski crystals. It is adhered to an adjustable silver-tone band and is handmade, buy it here.

Muwaah Malmö


Inspire me

Emmanuelle Alt, Irina Lazareanu, Kate Lanphear, Kate Lanphier, Vlada Roslyakova

Muwaah Malmö

Pink panther

Work it girl, work it!

Muwaah Malmö