I found a brand called lilash yesterday, it's suppose to be similar to Revitalash. My eyes did not respond to good to Revitalash, they got so irritated and swollen after a while that I had to stop using it. One thing I didn't like about Revitalash is that my lashes are back to normal after I stopped using it. So I thought I would try out Lilash insted. It's suppose to be "The only non-irritating lash conditioner" and it's also suppose to be safe for even the most sensitive eyes. So of course I had to order it, it's a bit expensive but Im a beauty junkie and I just needed to try it out. But one thing I don't like is that when ordering lilash my order was declined several times and now I don't really know if I ordered it or not (and yes I do have monye on my Visa)...just have to wait and see I guess.

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