You've got Mail

Just spoke to London on the phone, yes she's back but back in Malmö. We talked about everything but what I miss most is "just to talk to her about nothing". You know you just talk for hours on the phone about whatever and the minutes add up to hours. I just realized how much I've missed it! When we were younger we always called each other after school and talked for hours about all and nothing. Now that she's moved we mostly email each other, we always seem to find a way to keep in touch and I love that. Sometimes my inbox is full of mail that she's sent me. Some people you just click with and you'r stuck. It's strange even though we don't live in the same city or country I still manage to talk AND see her more then I do some of my friend that live in the same city. That's really really strange to think about. How come some people even though they are faraway still be so close, and people that are so close be so far away?
What makes this realtionchip so much stronger then othets? I guess it takes 2 and we are definitely 2! I guess those that matter, even though they are far away, they will alway be close cuz I keep them in my heart and that's what matter at the end of the day.
Peace out ya'll.

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