Wild strawberries

We all know a shower can be so relaxing. But don't forget to use good products to get rid of that old and dirty skin. New in my bathroom are these two wonderful products from Björk & Berries. The smell is unbelievable I wish you could smell it threw the computer. It smells like wild strawberries and the smell just makes you want to eat the entire bottle instead of using it as a shower gel. I also bought a friend to accompany the shower gel, a lotion. It's also available as a body butter.
Björk & Berries is a new Swedish brand that specialize in beauty, skincare and fragrance. They also have hair care and scented candles. All their products have 100% natural fragrance that smell unbelievable. Maybe because they are hand picked across Sweden? There are no animalistic ingredients in their products and are not tested on animals.
If your interested you can buy it in Åhlens City or in their shop.
Buy and try for yourself!

Peace out from Malmö

Snack of the day: Soygurt

I've really grown into loving soy products. This is my new favorite yoghurt with strawberry taste. It's really good and doesn't have that strange soy taste that some other similar products have. Eat the soygurt as it is or add some pumkinseeds like I do.

The best thing with soygurt is that it has calcium that you need for your bones. But it's milk and lactose free. And it's also cholesterol free.

Peace out from Malmö

Summer shoe

How cute are they? Makes you long for summer even more! H&M knows how to bring the sexy to your feet!

Peace out from Malmö


Although I live in my leggings I still love a good old fashion jean. I could need a baggy pair..

from Gina Tricot

Peace out from Malmö

Strange designs

WTF...Doesn't this remind you of something..? (it's a necklace made by some designer)

Maybe this?

I think designers have been hanging out in muslim countries a little to much?

Pictures from Net-a-porter, asa-resimleri.com

Peace out from Malmö


My two favorite things, stud's and fringe moccasins so hot! I have two moccasins and they are the most comfortable shoes ever. I wouldn't mind adding these to my collection from Jeffrey Campbell.

Peace out from Malmö


One of my favorite places to shop is Zara, the clothes are amazing. I wish I could own everything in there, well except for the clothes in the trash area. It's a shame their staff are such Biiatches makes you not want to buy anything from that store when they are so rude! Another thing I hate is that they never have small sizes left..people are animals. But I still love the clothes so I guess I need to turn on my bitchiness when I go in there.

Peace out from Malmö

Rock star

Oh I'm really turning into a punkrocker. All my latest purchases are so black but I love it. If I could wish for anything right now I would love to have these 2 shirts and the amazing boots from Topshop. I love it! But I don't know, summers coming up and I would love to buy more colorful clothes...oh blah my brain just went on a holiday,don't know what to write.
Let's sum it up...I want to be a rock star and have my rock moves. Na na na naaa I WANNA START A FIGHT

Peace out from Malmö


I just can't get enough, check these out! Oh I love them give them to me. If you're interested buy them at Ellos.

Peace out from Malmö


Studded skirt

Ohh..I'm in lurve with this studded skirt from Balmain. Unfortunately for me it's not in the budget. This baby will cost you 5387 pounds
(64 862 kr) cheap for the rich, right?
But I found a look-a-like in H&M, a real beauty..pictures of the beauty will come another day.

Peace out from Malmö

Twinkle little star

I usually don't use that many necklaces, I'm more of a bracelet kinda girl. I've had the same silver Fatima hand necklace for almost three years. But I thought I should change it up a bit and bought two new necklaces, the first is a little star from Dogeared and the second is a medallion locket from House of Harlow.

Peace out from Malmö

Studded clutch

About 2 months ago I found this wonderful studded clutch at Gina Tricot. I wasn't looking for a bag but when a saw it I just couldn't keep my hands of it..I mean I would buy anything with stud's on! I love them so much I wish I could buy studded underwear.

Peace out from Malmö

Filling up my closet

Update on some new stuff in my closet..A t-shirt of my husband (I have to represent) and new jeans from Siwy. These jeans are so comfy but I wish I bought a size smaller. I bought them from Shopbop and they recommended you to buy a size bigger..bullshiters! But they are still keepers!
Ohyeah..they look realy good on the ass as well. 

Peace out from Malmö

OPI hand cream

I'm always on a hunt for more good beauty products. But I'm a hard critic and I want my products to be the best! So I bought this hand cream from OPI a while back and the first thing I noticed when I put it on was the horrible smell! Damn..smelly cat is running free! It has this funky smell like old creams have..and I'm not the only one that has noticed the smell. Everytime I put it on somebodys nose gets a shock. The cream is very light and absorb pretty fast into you hands..leaving them feeling a bit dry. I know it sounds weird but it feels like you have to apply the cream a couple of times to get that conditioned feeling but even then they don't feel so moist. The creams work is to revitalize, soothe and condition dry hands and skin. With the help from penetrating advanced avocado lipid complex, antioxidants, vitamin c and soothing allantoin and aloe. Well all of these names sound really good but what do they do? Well to sum it up in one word..they give softness to you hands. I'm not a fan of this hand cream and will not buy it again I can't stand that awful smell it gives me a headache.
But if your still interested I bought it in Åhlens City.

Peace out from Malmö

Peace out

My new peace ring from Asos..oh I love it. But I want to wear it on my long finger, but the ring is to small (ordered the medium size). But yesterday I managed to put it on when I had my handcream on..guess the handcream not only moisturizes but makes my fingers loose weight as well.

Peace out from Malmö

My sweet little addiction

You know how a scent can make you remember? Remember a person or a special situation? A perfume can make you remember somebody and get you in that reminiscing stage.. well this lipgloss makes me think of you. This guarana scented lipgloss, will keep me remembering our short time together.

Peace out from Malmö


So yesterday me and a friend decided to do some craftwork. I can't even remember the last time I did crafts, it's been a while! But it's really fun, I love to do stuff with my hands (no naughty thoughts now). My love for crafts really showed off...this is what I made

Because I'm a great friend I made double of every bracelet, because my friend only managed to make one bracelet but it broke... It was really fun, you really get into these things and can't really stop. We have a couple of bracelets left to do ( we ran out of material). We bought some of the material in Pärlshoppen in Hansacompagniet (in Malmö). The tools and some of the material are bought in Turkey where stuff like this are much cheaper. So if your ever in Turkey and love crafts buy material there.

Peace out from Malmö

Sheer Cover

I needed new make up and saw an add of Sheer Cover. I did some research about it and it seemed to be a really good product. The best thing was that you didn't only get the foundation, but a little start package. It seemed to be a little too good. I found out that it even airs on the infomercial so I got a little bit suspicious but I decided to go ahead and order a start package. I got the delivery really quick and I was so excited to try it out. I ordered the medium but it also comes in light, tan and dark.

The Sheer Cover start package contained:
  • 2 mineral foundations in two colours of choice
  • Concealer
  • 4 brushes: one powder brush, travel brush, contouring brush, concealer brush
  • Conditioning cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Creamy lip and eye collection with a brush
  • Mascara black/brown
  • Tryouts with 6 highlighters
  • DVD, on how to put on the make up
Woow..sounds good right? The first time I was going to put on the make up I watched the DVD. They basically showed you how to put on the make up but it looked really silly and it was nothing that I didn't know before. If you ever tried make up in your life (witch I think you have) then there is nothing for you on the DVD! They also showed how to put on day and night make up, but I couldn't even see any difference between the two. You could see the fakeness and that they were all actors trying to sell the products.
I took the brush to put on the make up and was hoping for a Sheer Cover.....but I'm still waiting.
Lets break it down the product is SHIT! It doesn't matter how much foundation you take it doesn't cover at all considering that the name is Sheer Cover it should cover but I guess that the sheerness is so sheer that it's invisible. The concealer doesn't cover, it doesn't melt into the skin and it looks dry. The eye and lip compact looks really cheap it looks like something that you bought from the one-pound store (even the one-pound store has better). I haven't even tried the mascara because it looked TOO cheap for my eyelashes. The shittiest thing of all was that you didn't even get the "main brush" the kabuki brush. You had to buy it separately.
According to their website they promise that the Sheer Cover will hide fine lines, give radiance to your skin and give you the cover that you wish for. All this is bullshit, it gives you a hint of colour but it don't cover anything. I even gave it to a friend to try but she disliked it as well.
Oh yeah the foundation smells like dill (I don't want my face to smell like a food market).
My tip is: If you want a mineral powder you should buy i.d minerals or youngblood!

Guest writer: Sedus

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about this bracelet? Well I was naughty and ordered it. This is what it looks like on..I love the colour!

Peace out from Malmö


Hair growth tips.

I recently cut my hair really short because I wanted to sort of start fresh again with it after abusing it with straighteners. So I cut it and I got a tip from someone of a homemade hair growth remedy. It's based on good old fashioned olive oil and ground cloves. It really works, but like with everything else, patience is key. The bad thing about it is that it takes two to three days for the remedy to mix and it can get a bit tingly when you are wearing it. However, I still recommend it. You can really feel that your hair has been nourished after you've washed.
Here is how it's done:
Mix half a cup of olive oil (or more depending on the length of your hair) with 3 tablespoons of ground cloves. Pour the mixture in some sort of bottle (a bottle from finished marmalade for example). Put a layer of plastic foil around the top and then close it with the top. Mix well and let the mixture work itself together for two to three days. Put it in your hair, make sure you really get it in there with the tips of your fingers and leave it there for an hour. Wash, style as desired and enjoy your revitalized hair!
With love from Londonstan.

Snack of the Day:Greek yoghurt &fresh apple and elderflower juice.

I went grocery shopping the other day. Two things that I always get is Rachel's organic Greek style yoghurt and Copella's Juices. I don't drink fizzy drinks or juice normally, but this is the only juice I've come across that I looove. It's 100% freshly squeezed so no wonder it tastes so good. The yoghurt is good enough to have on it's own but when you have it with apples it becomes like a full meal and it's healthy and tasty!
With love from Londonstan.


I'm not a wineie but I really have to recommend this wine. It's a danish wine that tastes like cherries. Mmm.. I had a sip at a friends and it's really a great drink to sip on while chilling with the girls. This is nothing you should drink if you want to get drunk, just a nice drink you should sip on slowly to get the cherry flavour.

Peace out from Malmö

My current Love(s).

This darling is from TK Maxx. Alot of people thinks it's hideous but I love my baby. It makes a really simple outfit like jeans and a shirt pop in a cool way. And besides the colour is amazing.

I have had this baby in the back of my closet for so long. We're talking years. Spring cleaning really pays off. It's a high waisted skirt I bought in Zara when I lived in Malmo. How did I not see it's potential before??
With love from Londonstan.

Summer treats.

I have been stacking up for summer and boy am I looking forward to it! I am in love with maxi dresses and have gotten myself two so far. I should add that I am impressed with HM this season! These are my favourites so far (from top, clockwise):
Maxi dress that I found in a random little shop/market stall in London. Chiffon dress with print from HM.
Maxi dress from HM. See through kaftan with beading on neckline to throw over the bikini or swimsuit (a gift from cyprus).
With love from Londonstan.

Spring cleaning.

In between the studying the past few weeks, I managed to clean out my closet like a mini spring cleaning which was very very necessary. The results are immaculate for being me and it's so much easier to get dressed in the morning because I know the location of everything. I had to keep some clothes from fall/winter obviously because this is London, hence - many dark items in the closet at the moment. The sun might shine in the morning but there could be a thunder coming your way in the evening. Here are some tips for cleaning out your closet:

1. Be hard to yourself. Are you really really going to use that top from what seems like hundred years back?

2. Make four piles. One pile for things you are definitely going to use. Second pile is for your winter/fall wear. The third pile is for items that are versatile that you have just as much use for this season as you had last. The final pile is for items you are going to get rid of.

3. After piling, get large black plastic bags for the items you won't use. Don't throw them away, rather give them to your local charity and give yourself a tick on your good deeds list.

4. Put away your pile of winter/fall clothing. This can be in your storage room or equivalent and you are left with the two piles you are going to keep.

5. Depending on the type of closet you have, organize your clothes in the most convenient way. My closet for example has a lot of room and it's open which gives me alot to work with. I have two bars to hang clothes on and then an upper space for folded clothing. What I have done is that I have put jackets and coats in the back bar because I use them less than what I use dresses, shirts etc. By organizing your clothes in this way, you will save yourselves a lot of time when getting dressed and also it will look alot more accessible. Colour coordinating and putting dresses, skirts on side, shirts on side etc. will help you keep it more organized and again save you some time, not to mention that it looks better too!

Happy spring cleaning!
With love from Londonstan.

When bad things happen to good people, Just a tip.

So I went into urban outfitters not to long ago just to have a quick browse. It was a really sunny day and you could feel spring in the air, people were wearing less clothes and some were even having ice cream. I wasn't planning on buying anything (I pinky swear on that). So I was browsing and browsing and thinking I am doing really well considering I made it to the top floor without wanting anything. I should've just stopped there but no I had to go to the shoe corner. Why do I keep doing this to myself I wonder? Anyway, in front of me I saw this magnificent pair of gladiator sandals just laying surrounded by what was extra light in my head by themselves. Being on a budget these days I couldn't but I wanted to so badly! So instead I opted for these shoes above. Red canvas shoes that go with jeans and lightweight things for summer. Only problem is that their sizes are so wrong! I am a perfect size 5 and therefore rarely try on shoes so I took size 5 and went to pay and when I got home, I realized that my foot isn't even going half way in! So I went back to the shop and guess what size it ended up being? Size fucking 7.5. I know some shoe sizes vary with the store but I KNOW that I am by no means a size 7.5 in any store. Up until now i suppose. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I know that alot of people from Sweden order clothing from Urban Outfitters so make sure that you have a look at their size chart before clicking those items home!
Just a tip mateys!
With love from Londonstan.

Shoe Mania

I couldn't resist these leather wedge shoes from HM, cheap and fab!

Black patent leather and suede heels from Office. They have been kind to me.

My 70's inspired suede shoes with wooden heels from Firetrap. True love my friends, true love.

Beauties from Zara.

So irresistible, and delicious and lovely and loyal, and never changing and always there through thick and thin. I can rely on you always. I know I can wake up three in the morning and I would still find you there. I would never worry about not finding you where I want to. I promise I will always have your back, or heel. My wonderful shoes, thank you for being you.

Okay, I got a bit emotional there. I'm not gonna lie. I am a girl who L.O.V.E a good pair of heels. They are like pieces of art that I can look at and adore forever and ever. They can transform any outfit and give you killer legs. What more can a woman ask for? Here are the latest in my collection.
P.S - Sorry about some of the foggy pictures, and don't say it I know it's time for a pedi!
With love from Londonstan.

London's back ya'll!

Just like dear Malmo, I haven't been able to post anything for quite some time. I have been swamped with deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines from uni. It has been beyond horrible let me tell you. Throughout this entire time one question was circulating my mind. Who the hell makes the university rules??? It's like they're on a mission where they want as many students as possible to fail! I mean why would you put all deadlines in one week and have us do nothing for the rest of semester?? Stupid if you ask me. And the funny thing is that this is gonna start over again in about three weeks when we have exam week. Yippie! Anyway, whoooosa! I'm gonna stop complaining, had to vent for a second there.
I have some new things for you so keep yourself updated!
With love from Londonstan!

Asprin mask

Our skin is very important, to protect and care after. Now I know everybody has had their bad skin days. But I have a bad skin day everyday. My skin is very fair, sensitive and loves to break out. So my mission in life is right now to eliminate this and get that porcelain skin. A great tip for all skin types not just the acne prone is the Aspirin mask. I really love this mask because it's so cheap and fast to do. All you need is a couple of Aspirins, warm water and honey. Aspirin contains acetylsalicylicacid that is used in products to prevent and eliminate acne. This mask is great to use not just only for acne but to exfoliate the dead skin on your face. I haven't seen any improvement on my acne when using this mask but I really recommend you to try it, maybe it works on you. But I still us this mask just to get the exfoliation. Your skin really feels fresh and clean after using this mask. Use once a week and keep it on 20-30 minutes.


Hand & Nails

Im a real beauty junkie. I love trying different beauty products to see what works and what doesn't work.
Often I buy stuff that are really shitty and really don't work, even though I've read good things about them.
So now im letting you know what to buy and what not to buy! Starting with this nail and hands special.

Im an recovered nailbiter. Yes, Im proud I got my hands out of my mouth once and for all!
So now Im sharing some of my secrets on how to get great looking nails in no time at all.

Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle
About 2 years ago I bought my first Sally Hansen nailpolish, the nailgrowth miracle.
And im telling you, this is one of those products that really work. And it works really good,
you just need to stick to it. There will be no miracles in just one day!
Have patience and you will se results i promise! Within a week you will see your nails growing , just keep them out of your mouth if you are a nailbiter.
It even makes you nails really hard and unbreakable.
So how does it work then? Well apply a coat on clean nails once every second day, when you have three cotes remove and start over again. And let the polish do it's magic!
The only negative side to this is that due to all this nailpolish your nails can tun into a yellow shade and the nail can get a bit dry. But this is not a big problem and can easily be covered with
nail polish.

Sally Hansen maximum growthpen
Another product from Sally my girl! This is a cuticle and nail moisture treatment.
It's really easy to apply on you nails and it's fun.
Im addicted to applying it.
It's a oil that you should aply on you cuticles and massage it in.
It gives moisture to you dry cuticles and at the same time it makes your nails grow. A great two in one product. This is a great option if you don't want to use the nail growth miracle and risk yellow nails due to much consumption of nailpoilish. And it has a nice subtle sent to it.

Mavala cuticle remover
A great product to get your nails started on a healthy lifestyle. The first thing you should do to make your nails look great is to get rid of those horrible cuticles that have grown and taken over your nails completely and made them look smaller then they are.
This is a product that gently eliminates the dead skin and makes it easy for you to push back and cut of with a nail clipper.

Mavala nailpoilsh
I love this nailpolish! Mostly because they come in these small bottles and are very inexpensive. You can buy different colours and experiment.
Because the bottles are so small they don't dry out as fast as other nailpolishes.
My latest purchase are these three summer colours; light pink, beige and a peach color.

This is the best hand cream I've ever tried! It's great but the prise is a bit to high. It makes your hands so soft and moist and feel so nice.
The cream absorbs itself into the skin but still leaves it feeling so moist without feeling sticky.
This hand cream is not just to make you'r hands soft and moist, but helps damaged hands come to life.

This is what the cream does for you
  • Reduces the appearance of thin, veiny, parchment-like skin on the back of the hands.
  • Visibly improves the appearance of age spots and unsightly discolorations.
  • Restores the appearance of youthful texture, tone and firmness.
  • Protects the hands from environmental factors (UVA II and UVB protection) while reducing the visible signs of aging.

Home Spa :tricks and tips
Fast improvement on your nails without breaking a sweat!

One important thing when using nailpolish is how you remove it.
I recommend that you buy a nailpolish remover without acetone, oil, colour and perfume.
Oil, colour and perfume can cause discolouration on you nails or leave stains on the nails.
Acetone can cause the nail to get porous and damage the natural layers on the nail.
I use a nailpolish from Depend which is for natural nails.

Soft hands in seconds! This endless question on how to get those soft and luscious hands.
My best trick is to use a foot file after a bath.
Use the foot file to softly scrub away hard skin on your palms.
Use the softer side of your foot file. After gently rubbing away the hardness on the palms apply your favorite hand cream and put on your gloves too keep the the hands moist and makes the hand cream really get in there and do it's work.

Peace out from Malmö

Snack of the day: Roasted Chicpeas

This is some good shits! Im telling you!
Saw these in the store and just had to taste I could see that this was a hit!  And I was so right.
They are so good and a great healthy snack, minus the salt.
I bought the tomato and chili flavoured.
If you haven't tasted these now is the time!

Peace out from Malmö


Look at my sorry ass! 
This is me..doing what a girl needs 2 do..with some help from my redbulls! 
Overdose overdose...7 a day to keep the doctor away.

Peace out from Malmö

Hello biitches!

I'm back....on track!
Some hectic weeks..im sorry for the lousy update!
My first excuse is HOMEWORK, damn had two exams and only
3 days to study for the second one.
And a couple of reports and group work
all this shit in one week...exhausting i must say!
So after all of this shit went down my ibaby (imac) died:( so after a couple of days on the iv
it didn't survive and I hade to bury it. And now I adopted a new ibaby second addition...my new ibook.
It has all of those cool functions that Iphone has..oh im in lurve!
No more excuses..don't want to turn out like some other people out thure wiff lazy ass excuses everday!
Peace out biitches!

Peace out from Malmö


Naughty girl

I wan't suppose to buy stuff BUT sometimes you just can't stop the urge...
I've been naughty and I like it!
These Siwy pants are so fucking sexy..I hope my ass
looks good in them 2, so the boys have something 2 look at as(s) well!

Peace out from Malmö


O M G! I loooooove these shoes! How hot is this studded Converse?
I have to have them! I don't even cuur!

I think I suffer from a eye orgasm when a look at them....

Peace out from Malmö

and maybe this..?


Peace out from Malmö

ooohh and this

This one is also made my CC sky

Peace out from Malmö

...and this

CC sky

Peace out from Malmö