Intensive Serum-W

What is Skin Renu Intensive Serum-W?
SkinRenu Intensive Serum-w is the first topical formulation of select ingredients that effectively works to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles caused by the contraction of muscles from facial expressions. Winkle reduction is similar to Botulinum Toxin without side effects. Amazingly, fine lines and wrinkles visibly diminish in their appearance. Sagging skin is tightend and firmd. Skinrenu Intensive Serum-W also protects and restores UV damaged cells thus reducing skin sensitivly and darkening around delicate areas of the eye.

How to use:
Apply to clean skin, using one drop around and under eyes.

What does it do?
  • Actually relaxes muscles without the unpleasant effects of Botox.
  • Effective in the reduction of the eye wrinkling
  • Helps firming and toning of damaged cells for younger looking skin.
  • Non-irritating, non-bruising
Where can I buy Skinrenu Intensive Serum-W?


Yesterdays outfit, yes I know my room looks like a hotmess!

Hot pink blazer-Topshop
Dress-H&M trend

Mothers day

Okey so it's mothers day 2day..jeej. I hooked my momie up with some flowers and I even managed to make a cake that didn't melt! This cake is made from chocolate bottoms filled with chocolate chip mouse, mango/papaya mouse, meringue, blueberrys, raspberries and dark chocolate with the raspberry favour. And yes it's so goooooooooooooooood! MmmMMm
Have a nice mommie-day ya'll.


OH-MAJ-GAD !!! I wanna do that to!


What do you look for in a guy?

BIG dick!

Break it down girl, break it down!



Found some cute Chanel inspired across body bags at Topshop, so cute!


Must have at home !!

This is the best product out there for sweat. You buy it from Apotektet and it's calles "Absolut torr", it really works! You wont sweat, I swuur !! You put it on before you'r going to sleep and wash it of in the morning. It will prevent sweating for up to a weak, you can use it on your palms and feet 2. It's amazing, this is not a joke.

More Colby

Brooke Hogan feat Colby O'Donis- Hey Yo

Me likie this new song from Brokkie and Colby, Hey yo!

I wanna touch you

I wanna touch you- Colby O'Donis

I wanna touch you but I'm tryin' to keep control of my hands
I wanna touch you but you're probably makin' love to your man
I wanna touch you but I gotta make myself understand
That I can't but I can't understand that I can't

Snack of the day

MMMmmm corn. I love corn, especially when you grill it and put butter on it. Dang, Im droolin'.

Hawaiian tropic

Ny new favorite lipgloss is this one from Hawaiian tropic "island berry". It smells so good and tastes really good to, you just want to lick you lips over and over, Mmm. It just gives a hint of color and it really gives moisture to the lips, they feel so soft. The best thing is that it has SPF 25, we don't want no wrinkles on our lips eather! It's really kissalicious friendly, so kiss away girls.


Just got paid and I have a little money to burrn AaAAAaaaAA...

Well, I love me some acid one my face. You know when you buy a new cream you never ever get any result immidietly or for the most time you never get any result. That's why I love me some acid because you can FEEL it burning...I like it, burn on! So I recently bought Advanced C cream from Mene&Moy. It's suppose to give accelerated result on the skin due to it's extra concentrated. It cointains 30% Glycolic acid and 5%Ascorbosilane. It can improve the appearance of photodamaged skin and smoother deep layers of skin problems.
Apply regualary a small quantity of cream and massage to complete absorbation. Apply once every two days and then once a day before going to sleep.

Mene&Moy have so much fun stuff that I want to try but they are pretty expensive, so I started of by trying the "Advanced C cream", I really like it. Love the burning sensation. I bought my Advanced C cream here. You can read more on there website menemoy.com

Protect the skin your in!

Hey, you! Yes, you!? Do you use sunscreen everyday? If not, you should. Do you know when your skin is exposed to dangerous UV-radiation? When your out, sitting in the park, out in town or just out and about. You can't feel it but your skin is exposed to sun and impurities, that is the leading cause to premature aging skin. I usually use a sunscreen from MD Formulations but they stopped stellign it in Europe (some ingrediant wasn't ligal in europe) so I bought a new from Clarins and it's calles "Clarins UV plus". The bigger one (red) is a sunscren for everyday use, you protect the skin and it's SPF 40. Use it efter you put on your daytime moisturizer and before your foundation. It porvides a high level of anti-UV and anti-pollution protection. It's wonderfully lightweight texture leaves the skin soft, smoothe and matte. Pefect to use under makeup as it works just like a primer. It's 100% mineral filter respects the moste delight skin and is oil free! Its' allergy and ophthalmologist tested and non-comedonegic.
And a got a little test (orange) it's for when your out taning. The consistency is a bit thicker and the SPF is 30. Protection at all times!
So go out and buy your sunscreen, 2day! Run along now children ...
Look at it just as you look on safe sex...It's simple, juste like you put on a condom when your doin' the wild money dance to protect your dick from desises you provent your skin from nasty shit like wrinkles.


Bag lady

Some piips are just f.e.d-up

Crazy mo-fo up in hur up in thur, I think he was hööngri for a shis-börger.

Africano Boi Show

Brushing Teeth Tutorial 101

I think I just found my man!! I love him.


Excuse my language

Hot zeziii mama fuck bitch shoes...buy them hurrr (if you can afford them will say)...RAAAWWWWWW

Kissalicious Clutch

Wonderfull kissalicious lip clutch from Lulu Guinness

H&M news

Some new hotness from H&M..love the zipp bag, love it! Find more here.

Fun facts about food

  • Olive oil is just good if you use it raw (as it is) if you use it in cooking to fry, the oli saturates and turn from "good" to "bad". So fried olive oil is the same as fried oil or butter.
  • Drink 2-3 liter water ever day? Drink water when your body tells you to, don't force yourself to drink when yor not thirsty. There is lots of water in the foods we eat, don't forget about that! To much water can be toxic.
  • Blueberrys are the best antioxidants, you should eat a palm full of blueberrys everyday. Keeps your skin looking young and fresh.
  • Omega 3 pills only work if they contain Omega 6.
  • It better to eat fruits and vegetables then to eat supplements.
  • Your body need fat, but not the fat you find in fried food. You can find the good fats in avocado and nuts.
  • To much fruits can make your faeces ge runny and loose, keep it in moderation!
  • You can eat whatever you want, it you eat a smal amount!
  • Alcohol can make you fat, it contains carbohydrates.
  • One glas of red wine is good for your body, it contains lots and lots of antioxidants.

Im fallliiing fot him

Brooke Hogan- Falling

It's so so, but I like the music video

Drink of the day

Puuh, it's SO hot in Malmö today and a girl need to refresh herself with a cool drink! Today Im cooling myself down with, Well's Vitamin Everyday with the falour of Green Apple. It's full of vitamin supplements that are good for our body. This is a drink with no bubbles.
Enjoy a hot day!

Closet news

I've been a bad bad giirl...did some shopping as usual

This bag is sooo smal..It can only fit my phone and creditcards in there.
From Åhlens

And a pair of moccasins in a hot purple color.
From Zara

London here I come

So now Im all booked, yeeeeeh 15 June here I come...


I'm off y'all. I'm going on a mini-tour of Northern England. Well I don't know if you can call it that but whatevs. I'm going to visit some family up north, relax and rewind a bit. I am coming back on Tuesday next week, so I don't think there will be any blogging. But there will be tons of pictures that wants to be posted afterwards! Meanwhile, I'm sure Malmo will be up to some of her mischief ya'll! Take care!

Closet news

Another new comer in the closet is this powder pink over the shoulder bag. I love it, it's in leather, has this nostalgic feel and is perfect for the summer. Best bit is that it's from Primark so ya'll know it's some cheap stuff. Can't remember the price though.

Closet news

These are my latest edition to my summer sandals 09 collection. I looooove them so much, it was love at first sight. They're from HM and was only £25! When I first saw them, they didn't have them in my size and it was so hard to let go. But I did. Until, I saw them again, I mean it was destiny. I bought them even though they're one size too big, but what does one not do for love huh?