Good bye

Im off y'all, today Im leaving for my vacay! I will see you all in about a months time! Don't miss me to much now, and have a great summer!


When I get older..

K'Naan-Wavin' Flag

Closet news

Wihhoo, just got this sequin cardigan from the Kate Moss collection for Topshop, lovz it!


Outfit of the day



Good bye my friend

My camera is officially dead! It passes late last night, the lens does not work there for you can't take any pictures or do anything. Well it's about time it retired. Now I need a new one, witch one should a buy? Do you have any tips for me?? HELP!


Too surreal and too sad. May the legendary Michael Jackson rest in peace.

Crazy of the day..is this true?

Is Michael Jackson really dead? Just can't wrap my mind around it. Propper surreal!


So High

My faaaavourite song (well after aerosmith) oooh it's sooo beautiful...and John Legend?

Highly tappable ya'll!

Dreaaaming away

Yaaaaaaaay, only the weekend left until I go on my vacay!!
Gotta say hands up to my girl Malmo, almost qualified as the love doctor and it didn't take her no six years!

You can call me the love doctor!

The love doctor strikes again! Yes, I think this should be my profession. I know how to fix people up ya'll! So gullet (if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*)

Hit dat, smack dat, tap dat GAL go for it and go haaard INGA style!

When I see you, I run out of words

Akon Ft Colby O'Donnis-Beautiful

"I see you in the club and I wanna get with you, your so damn beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuul"

Mc donalds

I hate Mcdonalds, when a bitch is höngri then bitch is höngri and she want's hur food.

Brum brum...*Bitch driving to saturated-meat-fast-food-place*
-"Hi, a Mcbean plz"
* "Sure, I fix fo you gaal"

Bitch, drives home and what does Bitch see??? A fucking MEAT hamburger in thur :o I think Bitch is scared for life! I don't eat meat (my ant(s) don't count!)
What da fack, Bitch can't even get her non-meat burger. How hard can it be? It's the only vegetarian meal they have. I basically paid 60 kr for fries and a soda. I shall sue there saturated fad asses, twii.


Definitely need to give a hands up for Londons best budget store, Primark. I bought this dress and who(?) would guess it's from a low budget store? It's fabo I'm totally in lurve wiff it.

Ps: Ignore the headphones and the room (tihihi)


This is my wonderful city, sometimes boring but most of the time very very beautiful. It's been a very hot day today, and on a hot day BO01 is the place to be! And a little Italian ice cream on top, ahh!


My outfit of the day

And a little guest outfit


Snack of the day: Strawberrys

It's summer when you know you can hit your garden and eat your own organic strawberries that you plucked yourself. So delicious and perfect with some vanilla ice cream!


Guess the gender

Can you guess the gender on this person...?
A tip: It's totally a gender cameleon!

London shopping part 3: clothes

Here are some of the clothes I bought, Im 2 lazy to take a pic of the rest of the stuff! Will show you latoor, I promesse.

Maxi dress from Jaeger

Rolling stones tee from Amplified

Lether jacket from Warehouse, here is a better pic. The leather is so soft and nice, propper good quality.

Snack of the day: Cinnabon

How can you say no to this? The best "cinnabon" ever! It so big and oh so juicy. So if your in London or the US this it totally something you need to try, the place is called Cinnabon and you will find it on Oxford street and Piccadilly in London. You will not regret your visit, but you will leave the place a little nausious from all the suger.
Visit there webpage here for more info on delicious treats they offer.

London shopping part 2: accessories

From Primark

From Primark

The perfect fringe bag from Portobello market, it looks better in real life trust me!

Pocahontas earrings from Freedom

Cool leather bag with studdes from Warehouse

From Zara

From Mango

From Office ya'll