SkinScience serum

What The cream can be used on all skin types both women and men. It works on all layers of the epidermis due to its quick deep penetration ability. You apply it as a base under your daily face cream. It prevent the skin from dehydration, oxidative damage and premature aging.

How Apply the serum every morning after your daily facial cleansing routine. Apply the cream on the whole face, including the eye area, neck and decollete. The serum will prevent the skin from dehydration, oxidative damage and premature aging while at the same time it will leave the skin soft and silky smooth.

Where Stureplanskliniken in Malmö or eleven.se

Ingrediance Spermine

Spermine? First reaction to the term Spermine is that people believe it's simply sperm. Despite the fact it is to be found in high dozes in the tail of a sperm cell, it is simply due to the fact that the sperm cell does need extra help during the lifecycle and the best anti aging protection our body can provide is Spermine, crystals of one of the strongest antioxidants in our bodies and to be found in ALL cells of the human body, where it plays an important role for protecting against oxidation or in other words a powerful anti ageing factor. The Spermine used in SkinScience Spermine for Professionals Anti-Aging Creams is artificially made in Switzerland by Biotechnology and is 99,997% pure compared to the real thing.
Source: spermine.is

Price 1050:-

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