Stureplanskliniken Malmö

Yesterday I visited Stureplanskliniken in Malmö, located on Stortorget 19. The purpose of the visit was to talk about reduction of acne scars. They recommended a chemical peeling called "Cosmopeel" but I had to wait at least 6 more months until I could do it. So I rescheduled and will visit them in December again. After eating roaccutane you have to wait at least a year until you can do any treatments to your face. They thought my face looked good and that I didn't have any visible scaring (but I do). But until my peeling they recommended me to "prepare" the skin by using new products from Skinscience. So I bought a serum, eye cream and the normal cream. They are suppose to be really top noch products, so I will try them out and give you reviews. I will also give a more detailed introduction on what the products do in a later post.
Read more about skinscience on skinscience.se

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