Date night

So tomorrow is date night...with who you might wonder? Well actually I don't really know him. This wednesday I was out and doing some ass shaking and some of my million dollar moves, as you do when it's wednesday in Malmö. So I saw this one guy starring at me and smiling and I just thought "well he just smiling at somebody behind me"...and a minute or two later he was standing in front of me asking me if he could take me out on a cup of coffee. Whats a girl to do, offcourse I gave him my mobitel number and we set a date, tomorrow at 7. I litterally just talked to the guy for about 5 minutes or so and now Im going on a date with him (okey, at least Im not fucking the dude), it kinda feels strange. Sometimes I just freak myself with all the "what if's" ..he's a serial killer.."What if" he just want to fool me and stand behind a corner and laugh at me while Im waiting for him? Okey, Im totally paranoid now! And the thing is I really really need to go on a date he kinda saved me from shitz thats been going on for a while now! Well wish me good luch ya'll!

2 kommentarer:

  1. hahahah oohh ja måste se den, den verkar så SJUK and i like it!:) hehe:P
    Hur gick dte på dejten, damn ja måste sj börja dejta fan!:P det e bra girl, work wokr work and make that money:) hihi folk brukar ine veta dte, har alltid fått höra att jag har nån annorlunda dialekt, min röst e lite speciell hih:P
    Hoppas shit som händer på sista tiden löser sig för dig:)

  2. hehehe tack så mkt:P e min dialket verkligen så, folk säger alltid att den e annorlunda:P till mitt försvar har jag inte vart i sverige på et bra tag:P hihi