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Today I woke up with a swollen eye and didn't think to much about it, until I discovered that my swollen eye was not just a swollen eye. The eye was all swollen because I had a little pimple on my under eyelid. Yes, I managed to get a pimple on my eye! Now I can officially be named the queen of acne! I've managed to get pimple everywhere, because when you manage to get pimples in your eye then you know you have problems! The "fun" part in this crazy story is that just when I thought that my acne problems where over then it pops up again, and they pop up in my fucking eye!?

I've had problems with acne sense I was around 14/15. Of course that's the age when all of us start to get some pimple and we go through puberty. I of course went to the pharmacy and bought Vishy, Clerasil, Stioxyl,Basirol and crap like that, of course they didn't help! My acne was a bit different, all over my chin I had pimple under my skin, the were not red and you could not pop them. They were the same colour as my skin and just made my skin bumpy. Well when I was 16 I was tired of the acne and seeked professional help. I found a skin doctor in my city and he prescribed Differin. A cream you use at night on the acne, it helps to dry it out. After 3 months I returned and it had helped a little. By this time a had some acne on my chins to. I got a stronger cream called Aberela and oral medication called Tetralysal. The doctor told me to use both the at the same time for a better effect, I didn't have to return because he told me it would help. Well, it didn't help and summer came, and you should not use acne medication during the summer because the sun is to strong and the skin get very thin efter using strong creams and oral medication. Well after the summer I found a skin therapist and started to go on facials every month. I started using Dermalogicas products and gave it a fare shot. After a couple of moths a ran out of money and there for I stopped going. And no, this didn't work eather.

So I had to do something else, so after working my but of, I had some money and went to a expensive Clinic in Malmö called Dermakliniken where they specialise in skin. I went on a consultation and they thought that I should do some acid facials and buy expensive creams and use at home. As the little dumb and inexperienced girl that I was back then I bought loads of crap that they pulled out and promised me would help. All I wanted was to get rid of the acne and was ready to give them everything I had. So they recommended me to do a acid facial called "Phytica", I did 6 of those (?) and of course they did not help! I was so angry and had a little outbreak on the girl that did my facials and said this is "proper shit", I gave so much money to get even more acne than I had when I started the facials. And yes I know it takes time for the impurities to come up and that causes more acne but that should not happen after you so many visits. I even bought vitamins B5 because they are suppose to help with acne..NO they don't. Well I gave all that shit up as well and moved on.

This time I thought all these expensive creams and shit is totally bullshit and "I need to seek a new skin doctor that knows their shit". So I looked and looked, I even called my first doctor but he didn't work anymore and all the other skin doctors could not be reached or where on vacation or whatever, so in Swedens third biggest city you could't find a skin doctor? Propper disgusting! Well I managed to find a doctor at Akademikliniken, and if your from Swedenyou've probably heard of the previous owner of Akademikliniken that drugged girls and the raped them. Well his whife was the skin doctor there but after all shit that went down she did not work there and they had a substitute instead. I was full of hopes and thought "Yes I women, she will understand me better them a man"! Well I will tell you this, all skin doctors are crap! The look at your skin and prescribe anythingin a minute! So she proscribed me Tetralysal again! Even though I told ther that I tried them before and they did not help me. She told me to try them for 3 months and use a nother cream called Duac cream and if I didn't see any progress that I should come back and she would prescribe me something stronger, Roaccutane. I had to pay 900 kr for the visit because they are a private clinic, there for much more expensive to visit them. Well after 3 months of countdown I was eager to return and get my Rouccatan. Of coure Tetralysal and Duac didn't work on my stubborn acne.So when the day finally came I was so excited. But when I returned to her office the happies day of my life turned out to be one of the worst days. She told me that that was her last day and that she could not do anything for me, she could not prescribe Roccutane beacuse you need to come back and give blod. She totally crushed me and I left the place in tears. Until this day I still remember it, I had been waiting so long to come back and finally get some help, but no no! The bitch even gave me pamplets and everything and said that I should look it up on internet and do research and that I should take birth control to be prepared for the strong medication, and when I returned she shoves that crap in my face "It's my last day, find a nother doctor that can prescribe it for you".

A friend recommended a doctor in Helsingborg, Topankliniken and of course I called and had to wait 3 moths,because the waiting line was so long. I got my Roaccutane and to make a long story shorter I eat them for 10 months! Ordinary you should eat them for 3 to 4 months and see that the acne has disappeared. After 3 months a returned and took a blod test and everything was OK, she told me to eat them for 50 more days and if I still had acne breakout I should continue until they didn't return. When I was 7 months into it I returned and still has lots and lots of breakout (worse then when I started) she told me about 20% has to eat Roaccutane for 10 months until it starts to work. Well I was obviously one of those 20%. So I stopped eating them about a months agoe.

Roaccutane is a very strong acne medication that can give you lots and lots of bad side effects like hair loss, dry skin, nose bleads, unwanted hair, depression and so on. I only experienced dry lips and nose bleads. I stopped eating them because I didn't get any horrible breakouts anymore. And I didn't want to fead my body those drugs for any longer.
Now a month after I stopped I've had 5 pimples, one currently on my cheak and one on my eye. My acne is much better because I don't have the horrible breakout that I had a couple of moths agoe. They were horrible! On the bad days a had about 12 HUGE (no exaggeration) pimples all over my cheaks. I have some acne scares left and some red pigmentation left, that a plan to remove with laser after the summer. If you saw me today most of you would every think or se all the acne my face has suffered. The scares are (thank god) not to deep and can easily be covered with good makeup.
So here I sit, broke! All the money I spent on shitious cream that promise to get rid of acne, now 5 years later I can't even blink without being reminded of my acne.

What can I say, if your acne isn't ready to leave you can't force it to leave.

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