It's not you..It's ME!

Wow, I have to say Im not really so into dating, I never feel anything and really get bored so quick. But my date today was not to bad... BUT I already feel bored (I just came home like 30 min ago)! I need something else, the guy was to "normal" for me. We took a drink and then grabbed a bite to eat and the we hit a party, so we did a "3 in 1 date". He was cute and all don't get me wrong but I just can't date guys who are white...Im deffo a chocoholic as Brüno would say! I just can't, I need myself a man who can melt my vanilla in his hot chocolate..you know my milk with his cocoa puffs.
Im a girl who works 6 days a week I really don't have time to spend it on a radom guy who can't swipe me off my feet at the first date, and if he's white well he better be working extra hard to get my attention! Dating is totally overrated!

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