All your BLAHBLAH is going to blow my mind


Fuck I hate people who just talk and talk and talk, and all they say is shit! Wah wah wah wah
1, 2, 3 I can't take this shit no more. What the fuck, can't people nowadays take a hint? You call me, I don't answer. You text me, I don't answer. But you still keep calling and calling and calling and calling. Your giving my phone a migraine from all the vibration. My phone gets more action then me. And what about the people that can't take a no?? Whats up with you bicthes? Hello, no mens NO, what tha fack. What's so hard to understands? It's two letters a n and a o...now put them together! I hate them drama queens who have some kinda need to start drama over everything, and just be fucking annoying. Fuck you bitch can't take your shit no mo, some bitches need to figure out there own life before they start talking shit to others. Can't stand it no mo, and yeh stop inviting your sorry ass to other peoples plans!! Damn..fucking peace out and stop talking shit!!
Im so tempted to pull out your huur, girl!

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