Sometimes Vodka comes around and knocks you down

So yesterday turned out to be a total disaster for some of us. Im telling you Vodka can be so dangerous. You drink and drink and then it hits you, all at the same time. Some people just don't know how to stop drinking. This time it all went overboard and some of us (not me) threw up atleast 50 times last night, in the bed, in the toilet, in your hair, on your clothes, out side, in my house, in my garbage can...yes you name it. Unconscious drunken ass even managed to proclaim some love for "the love interest", telling everyone at the party that we should "call and say, your the only one for me", "I just want you". The next thing I know we are on our way home in a car with the drunken ass. Three people hade to help get drunken ass to my sofa. I didn't even get to shake my ass on the danceflo. Now drunken ass is laying in my sofa, still drunk and dizzy. My room reaks of stinky vodka, it's like a fine perfume. Thrown up like 4 time sence waking up. Not eating anything, but hey does this mean we will never touch a drink again? HELL NO! 5 days until next weekend, let's party. Hmm, what to wear, where to go, what to drink. A vodka redbull anyone?

To sum it up, I love Vodka it's fabo love Drunken ass

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