Color your eyelashes at home

When it gets hotter outside I just have this need to wear less makeup, often I just use foundation, bronzer and a gloss om my lips. I don't care for putting on mascara. It's just too much because it gets sticky and greasy. So what I do is, I color my eyelashes black. Naturally they are a light brown color and blond on the tops. So the eye can easily feel naked without any mascara.

This is a quick guide on how to color your eyelashes/eyebrows at home

  • mix 10 drops of hydrogenperoxid and
  • 1 cm of lash- & eyebrow colorant
  • mix them together to get a smoot paste
  • brush the paste on you eye lashes, just like you put on your mascara
  • keep on 10 min, and rinse of with water
This is how my eyelashes turned out

Muwaaah Malmö

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