Frae Organic Frozen Yogurt

We found this great yogurt place in Angel on Camden Passage way. All the yoghurt's are fat and sugar free. It's basically healthy ice cream where you can choose if you want a green tea base or a plain yogurt base and afterwards you can pick toppings from a wide variety of fruits or if you want to be "unhealthy" you can choose from mini brownies, orieos or different chocolates and even muesli. We had one with mango, raspberry and mini brownies and one with pomegranate and goji berries. It was deliciouso, we will deffo go back there for another yogurt ice cream.
P.S - There is a fine young man working in there with the nicest dark blue eyes, we wouldn't mind tappin' that ass any day..mmmmm

You can find it on the corner of Charlton Place and Camden Passage way, nearest tube is Angel station.

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  1. sv: man tackar. och vilken ball blogg du har :)

  2. sv; Thank u:) what are u doing today?

  3. tack :)
    ha en lovely midsommar då :D

  4. sv; Låter som en skit skön dag :) hoppas det blev en skoj utekväll:)? Ja vet inet va som hädner ikväll, vill gå ut men syrran och kusinen e på besök o dem e bara 14 år.