Snack of the Day: Giant chocolate covered ants

Snack of the day is interesting to say the least. Giant chocolate covered ants from Selfridges. Proper disgustingness. We were walking down an aisle where we saw scorpio vodka which was kinda cool (you could actually eat the scorpio). It was from a brand named edible. where they had disgusting edible things that are out of the ordinary. Malmo decided that she wanted to try giant chocolate covered ants since she's a fan of chocolate in all forms (wink wink). She ended up having five of them and actually liked them, specially the crunchy part. London had half an ant and was gaging proper Fear Factor style, it was nastyyyyyy!
Wanna know what a giant chocolate covered ant taste like?
The chocolate obviously tastes like chocolate, the ant was salty and crunchy. So it was like eating crunchy salty chocolate. The nasty part wasn't the taste, it was the knowing you have an ant shoved in your mouth that was disgusting. Malmo just hammered the poor thing, she was loving the ant!!

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