Shopping in London part 1: beauty

So all my London trips end the same way, me worried about having shopped to much and having to pay over weight. And yes, every time I have a couple of kg to much but I always get away with it, Muahaha!

So here are the beauty products I took home with me.

Some body scrubs and some "tan in a can" products

Bio Oil, hair thickening spray from Expert ( not that I need it, but I have to try right?) Avene spray ( it's "fancy" water for your skin, highly unnecessary I must say, and very typical me to buy it)

Bronzer and Hello flawless from Benefit

This is a must when in England, mini vaseline(ka) good shit!

Some hair care from Tresemme, I think I bought almost everything they had to offer from that brand. I love my hair, what can I say :) Word around the street is that the products are velli velli good.

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