Portobello Market

Today was going to be a 'take it easy day' but as you know London is never about taking it easy. We started by visting Frae Frozen Organic Yogurt again (it's confirmed, our new found friend is very tappable, those eyeees, proper killer!) and it was delicious as expected.

We continued on to Portobello Market (best day to go is Saturday) in Notting Hill. The place has so much potential. You can find alot of jewelry, fur's (if you're interested), leather goods, antiques, vintage clothing, accessories and typical chinese market stuff with a funky smell. We found this really great leather store at the beginning of the market. They really nice leather bags that were very affordable and timeless. Definetly need to tap it again. We found this really great soft leather fringe bag for only £38. Other buys included a navy cardigan from Toki & Nabi and a Rolling Stones tee from Amplified (more reviews later).

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