Incoco -Dry nail applique

Sick of putting on nailpolish? Well then this is the product for you girl. It's basically dry nailpolish that you apply to your nails, so you don't need to wait for your nails to dry. Comes in various colors, I bought a pink color called "heart breaker".

You get everything you need in your manicure set.
The set contains:
  • 20 dry nails
  • polish removal cloth
  • mini nail file
  • 2 extra nails
  • silver tape (use to protect nails from drying out when exposed to air)
  • cuticle stick
This is how you should put on your dry nail color:
Remove nailpolish from you nails and buffer them with your mini file. Select a size that best fits your nail. Remove the plastic cover and gently place it on the nail, pressing around cuticles edges. When you have it in place, rub the area to smoothen. File off excess polish with a gentle downward motion.
Remove it by using your polish removal cloth or ordinary nailpolish removal.

This is how the dry nail polish looks on me

It's very easy to put on the dry polish, looks harder than it is. And it's really easy to get it smooth too. Just polish your nails before putting it on and be careful when peeling of the polish from the plastic cover.

After I put on the first nail I saw that this was nothing for me. The color didn't even look pink it looks like some cheap white nail polish. But I did put it on so I could show you how it looks. I just put it on really fast, wasn't very careful and it looks a little sloppy. But I removed it..looks to cheap for my taste.

Peace out from Malmö

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  1. kissie.blogg.se2 apr. 2009 20:53:00

    i love ur nails.. its tooootally me.. u know..