Makeup hygiene

We all know makeup can be so fun specially experimenting with it. But we need to be careful and keep our makeup clean. Makeup can be full of germs and bacteria and can cause infections to both your face and eyes.

Here are some don't when it comes to your makeup
  • Don't share makeup with friends, your spreading germs between each other
  • Don't use old makeup, or makeup with a strange smell
  • Don't use your fingers, bacteria on your fingers can infect your makeup
  • Don't keep your makeup in direct sunlight, keep it in a cool place. If your makeup consists of fat keep it in the freezer
  • Don't use old makeup, throw out old makeup and start fresh with new
Here is a short guide on how long you can keep your makeup
Foundation- Keep it for maximum of 1 year, but keep it in a cool dark place.
Powders can last much longer.

Concealer- Keep for a maximum of 6-8 months. If your using a pencil concealer you can keep it for maximum of one year, but be aware that you need to wash your pencil often with mild soap or shampoo. An old concealer can cause swollen eyes and rashes.

Mascara-Keep your mascara for a maximum of 6 months. But you should replace it every 3 months to be sure. Old mascara can irritate your eyes if you had a prior eye infection.

Lipstick - Can last up til 2 years, if it smells funky it's time to throw it out. Keep it clean by whipping it with a piece of paper. Lipgloss can last up till 6 months, but never share it with your friends.

Skin care, shampoo och conditioner – Keep it for a maximum of 1 year if you keep the lid closed. Don't share creams if they don't have a lid, exposure to bacteria can occur and lead to infections.

Nail polish- Keep your nail polish in the refrigerator to keep it from drying out.

And don't forget to, wash your tools every week with a mild soap and every month with a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner.

Good Luck!

Peace out from Malmö

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