Too faced: Lip injection

Lip plumper from Too Faced that's suppose to increase lip volume and maintain plumpness with continued use. It's based on four of the most scientifically proven and advanced lip plumping technologies.

This is a summary of what's on the package.
The beneficial ingredients are:
Marine sponge-
a collagen that penetrates the lip using the body own moisture to replump and add up to 20% more volume. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and mouth area wrinkles.

Collagen booster- used to stimulate and increase collagen to plump lips up to 40% fuller. Decreases lines up to 30%, while increasing lip moisture to 60%, all this long term.

Instant blood vessel dilator- dilates blood vessels filling lips with a lasting rush of blood gives a plumped pout!

Botanical cocktail of avocado oil and jajoba- hydrates, moisturizes and soothes lips for fuller, sexier and more kissable lips.

The serum is to be used in the morning and evening. You should apply it on dry lips (if you apply it over a lipstick it won't give you the full plumping effect). If you want to apply a lipstick or some other lip color you should wait a couple of minutes, for the formula to penetrate your lips. For maximum long term results use for a minimum of 30 days- am and pm.

A slight tingle to your lips may occur when using it. I can't tell you that my lips have enlarged after using this product because that would be a lie. I have to admit I haven't used it as instructed on the package, I've just put it on randomly and experienced the tingeling sensation but have not seen a plumping effect on my lips! I will try to use it as recommended and see if it makes any difference.
I purchased my Lip Injection in Boots but it's available all over.

Peace out from Malmö

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