Introduction 2

- I have a minor addiction to red lipstick – YSL Rogue Volupte in particular, introduced by Malmo.
- I can be misunderstood veeery easily, don’t know why!
- My biggest achievement was to move out from the mamas house and into a new country.
- It takes a lot to get me angry but when it happens, beware.
- I am lefthanded.
- And left footed for that matter.
- I hate watching TV, I’m more of a rent a film kind a gal.
- I looooove rain, creepy I know. But hey, at least I’m in London.
- I have a thing for men in a fitted suit..ay caramba…
- I don’t have a gazillion friends, I have a few very good friends instead.
- I hate misspelling, have to correct it, it’s like an OCD thing that I have.
- Usually I’m either happy or not, nothing in between!
- I’ve never stolen anything, except for a chewing gum (I think it was) from the little convenience store when I was circa 9.
- I loooooooove Friends, Joey is my long lost soul mate.
- I’ve never finished a book, start to end. That’s if Harpers Bazaar and Vogue doesn’t count (although they ARE fine literature!)
- I can’t stand people who think they are better than others!!!
- I’ve actually never been IN love, infatuated – yes but not love! Buhu.
- Although I had a minor crush on an Italian who was missing a finger once.
- I can live on sarcasm and irony…muhaha
- I wish I could live in the 1800’s for a couple of months…it would be so much fun to behave that awkwardly for a while, and not to mention the dresses!
- My ultimate trip is to go on a huuuge sailing boat and set out for about a week or two in the Mediterranean’s.
- My middle finger was caught in a steal door when I was tiny, and the tip nearly fell so now I have this little plastic thingy inside, you can’t tell but you can feel it..haha

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