Second hand

Second hand can be fun, when you find old cool stuff that nobody els has. Here is a list of things you don't want secondhand!

  • A vibrator...eeww do I have to explain?
  • A boyfriend..nobody want somebody sloppy seconds
  • Underwear..ehm who wants vigina wet underwear?
  • A old plaster..no, we seriously don't want other peoples germs
  • Old makeup..why would you want to do that to your face?
  • Used toilet paper..no need for explanation
  • Somebodys left over food..I know my moma loves to eat my leftovers but I would never do it!
  • Somebodys old tampon...you couldn't even push it up if you wanted!
  • Somebodys toothbrush...OMG no no no! Rule nr 1, never share toothbrushes!
  • Used sweaty socks..I have done it! I couldn't walk home in my shoes so I boroed socks and walked in them..but I was drunk so I don't remember if they were sweaty.
  • You know when you borrow your cardigan to somebody and when you get it back, it's full of swet under the arms..fresh
  • Somebody's used blow up doll..no comment!
  • Somebody's chewing gum..It's all warm and full of saliva..mm that's my favorite flavor

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