Just got paid and I have a little money to burrn AaAAAaaaAA...

Well, I love me some acid one my face. You know when you buy a new cream you never ever get any result immidietly or for the most time you never get any result. That's why I love me some acid because you can FEEL it burning...I like it, burn on! So I recently bought Advanced C cream from Mene&Moy. It's suppose to give accelerated result on the skin due to it's extra concentrated. It cointains 30% Glycolic acid and 5%Ascorbosilane. It can improve the appearance of photodamaged skin and smoother deep layers of skin problems.
Apply regualary a small quantity of cream and massage to complete absorbation. Apply once every two days and then once a day before going to sleep.

Mene&Moy have so much fun stuff that I want to try but they are pretty expensive, so I started of by trying the "Advanced C cream", I really like it. Love the burning sensation. I bought my Advanced C cream here. You can read more on there website menemoy.com

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