Fashion no no's according to moi

- People who don't dress according to their body type annoy the crap out of me. We would all like to dress in all the hot stuff that's out there, but let's face it, some stuff are for skinny b~~~es and should only be worn by them. Myself for example, I was blessed with female humps that are big, and it's sooo annoying because some tops and jackets are a no no for me because it will just look orrible if you know what I mean BUT I always find ALTERNATIVES.
- Colours are great, but too much of the good stuff is not!
- Don't mix dark colours with dark colours ya'll! Black don't go with dark brown as much as you might try and same with navy. Only thing that I've seen that worked was a clutch type of bag by Filippa K about two or three seasons ago that was navy and black.
- Sweatpants or velour suits out in the city?? For real people, don't care if it's by Juicy or whoever makes them, Don't!! Wear them at home if you have to...
- Foppa tofflor. No words.
- Black nails, haaate it. I would go for a dark shade of another colour, like purple. Much nicer.
- Black with red. Disgusting. Don't care how classic it is.
- Jeans that are too low. Wtf?? I don't want to see your red thongs!
This list can go on forever, so I'll stop before I upset myself.

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