Protect the skin your in!

Hey, you! Yes, you!? Do you use sunscreen everyday? If not, you should. Do you know when your skin is exposed to dangerous UV-radiation? When your out, sitting in the park, out in town or just out and about. You can't feel it but your skin is exposed to sun and impurities, that is the leading cause to premature aging skin. I usually use a sunscreen from MD Formulations but they stopped stellign it in Europe (some ingrediant wasn't ligal in europe) so I bought a new from Clarins and it's calles "Clarins UV plus". The bigger one (red) is a sunscren for everyday use, you protect the skin and it's SPF 40. Use it efter you put on your daytime moisturizer and before your foundation. It porvides a high level of anti-UV and anti-pollution protection. It's wonderfully lightweight texture leaves the skin soft, smoothe and matte. Pefect to use under makeup as it works just like a primer. It's 100% mineral filter respects the moste delight skin and is oil free! Its' allergy and ophthalmologist tested and non-comedonegic.
And a got a little test (orange) it's for when your out taning. The consistency is a bit thicker and the SPF is 30. Protection at all times!
So go out and buy your sunscreen, 2day! Run along now children ...
Look at it just as you look on safe sex...It's simple, juste like you put on a condom when your doin' the wild money dance to protect your dick from desises you provent your skin from nasty shit like wrinkles.

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