Don't we love birtdays?

Today is my brothers 25th birthday and because he's working all day we can't really celebrate ya'll. So I got up early to make a huuuge breakfast because that's just how nice I am. It was a bit early for cake (I personally think it's never to early for cake) and we're in a bit of a health phase so I decided to make something else. I made my special scramble with toast and to substitute the cake, we had fresh fruit salad with yoghurt and maple syrup instead and now I'm about to burst...mmm! Here is how to make it:

Scramble (3 people):
You need: 1 red pepper and half an orange pepper, half an onion, 5 eggs, handful of fresh spinach, olive oil or butter and Aromat (aromatic herbal blend to substitute salt) or salt and peppar

How to do it:
-start with chopping up the peppars and onions in little squares
-saute them in the pan (first the onion to soften up a tad) with olive oil or butter (I prefer olive oil) and then put in the peppers
- let it all blend together for a minute or so
- crack the eggs in the mix and mix everything together and make sure u separate it well to get a perfect scramble
- add the Aromat or the salt and peppar
- finely chop the spinach and sprinkle it on top

Serve with some hot toast

Fruit salad (3-4 people):

You need: one litre strawberries, one litre seedless green grapes, one mango, one pear, one apple, one lemon, 300 g of pistachio nuts, one litre organic plain yoghurt and maple syrup
How to do it:
- chop up all the fruit in dices except for the lemon (start with the strawberries and grapes because the rest of the fruit turns brown quicker)
- once you have diced the fruits, sprinkle lemon juice over them to keep them from going brown, and mix it all together in a bowl
- get the pistachio nuts out of their shell and crush them (if you don't have tools to do that, you can place them in the middle of a cloth and crush them)
- mix the nuts with the fruit
- get serving bowls, start by putting some yoghurt in the bottom, put the salad on top and top it off with a spoon of yoghurt (gotta please the eye folks) and sprinkle some maple syrup on top.


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