Chestnut lotion

Are you a white bitch like me? So white that your almost..blue? Well that's me! So of course I'm faking it most of the time, by using different "tan in a can" products. My latest buy is this Chestnut lotion that is suppose to give you a great tan in just 10 seconds, great huh?
Well I just tried it out and it's actually really good. It's in liquid form so you just put some in a cotton boll and gently apply it on the body. It's really easy and you get the result immediately. It smells GOOD! It smells like perfume, can't put my finger on which one though, so that means it doesn't have that nasty smell that other "tan in a can" products have. And another good thing is that you don't turn out looking like an umpa lumpa (orange) you actually get a brown color, good huh?
So I bought my Chestnuts Lotion at Kicks, can't remember the prise but I think it was under 100 SEK (8£). I really recommend it, it's pretty easy to put on and it absorbs into the skin really quickly so you don't have to wait for it to dry before putting on clothes. It washes of with soap and water.

So here is a before and after pic...and I think you know which one is the before:p I put on 3 layers on this pic.

Good luck with your faking!

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