• Im addicted to my ipod
  • Im the biggest cluts in the world
  • Im a shopaholic..fo realz!
  • I have issues
  • I have ADHD, I easily get tantrums
  • I like my men just the way I like my chocolate, dark and sweet
  • I hate ugly people, whyo whyo? My eyes hurt when I see you!
  • I don't eat animals, but I love wearing them!! Muahaha
  • I had a tongue piercing, it was a fun thing y'all!
  • I have 8 ear piercing, 2 of them I did myself with a needle
  • I have a fat ass, Mmm I love it!
  • Sometimes late at night I get emotional....NOT haha
  • I LOVE the Golden Girls!
  • I hear that im heartless, this is a complement!
  • Im secretly in love with a "persian rug" in my class, shyy this is just between us!
  • If my hair is ugly, I'm ugly!
  • I hate when one of my headphones brake and I still have to put both of them in my ear.
  • I hate the bus, always crowded with crazy people pushing and screaming at you. I have scares for life!
  • I have a bad memory, and it's getting worse
  • Im a recovered energy drinker! Althow Im bound to fall back at any time.
  • Im a recovered nail biter! Now I have looong nailz!
  • I hate cats...they are evil I tell you EVIL!

2 kommentarer:

  1. hahahah .. jag har hört att persiska mattan är sjuktligt kåt i dig.. vattnet går varje gång hon ser dig. har hört att hon ska operera sig till svart för att tillfredställa dig. hon är så kär kär kär kär