Beauty isn't always beautiful

Don't be hating now..just because I'm beautiful! Okey maybe I'm not that hot or maybe my personality is reflecting my beauty? HAHA who I'm a kidding?
Look at me sitting hear wearing this monster mask to beautify myself.
I'm on fire fire fire...
Seriously speaking I have a rose mask (fancy fancy) on.
And it's suppose to "moisture radiant nourish" my skin. It has a light sent of summer roses.
You're suppose to just put it on and keep it on for 20 to 30 min...but I keep it on until it's dry and just peel it of. And your skin is really soft and you get that ahhh feeling, really fresh (and i really hate that word) i must say!
Buy it at Dainty Design. And the best thing it's really cheap!
So there is no excuse not to take care of your skin.

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