Spring cleaning.

In between the studying the past few weeks, I managed to clean out my closet like a mini spring cleaning which was very very necessary. The results are immaculate for being me and it's so much easier to get dressed in the morning because I know the location of everything. I had to keep some clothes from fall/winter obviously because this is London, hence - many dark items in the closet at the moment. The sun might shine in the morning but there could be a thunder coming your way in the evening. Here are some tips for cleaning out your closet:

1. Be hard to yourself. Are you really really going to use that top from what seems like hundred years back?

2. Make four piles. One pile for things you are definitely going to use. Second pile is for your winter/fall wear. The third pile is for items that are versatile that you have just as much use for this season as you had last. The final pile is for items you are going to get rid of.

3. After piling, get large black plastic bags for the items you won't use. Don't throw them away, rather give them to your local charity and give yourself a tick on your good deeds list.

4. Put away your pile of winter/fall clothing. This can be in your storage room or equivalent and you are left with the two piles you are going to keep.

5. Depending on the type of closet you have, organize your clothes in the most convenient way. My closet for example has a lot of room and it's open which gives me alot to work with. I have two bars to hang clothes on and then an upper space for folded clothing. What I have done is that I have put jackets and coats in the back bar because I use them less than what I use dresses, shirts etc. By organizing your clothes in this way, you will save yourselves a lot of time when getting dressed and also it will look alot more accessible. Colour coordinating and putting dresses, skirts on side, shirts on side etc. will help you keep it more organized and again save you some time, not to mention that it looks better too!

Happy spring cleaning!
With love from Londonstan.

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