London style - A thought.

You know how everything in Sweden is pretty mainstream, everyone in general dresses the same, follow the same and sometimes boooooring trends? Don’t get me wrong though, I looove Swedish style and designers. They know what they can do and they are good at it! No one perfects straight lines, minimalistic yet dynamic creations quite like the Swedes. Brands like Filippa K and ACNE are making it big right here, appearing what seems like everywhere at the moment. But everyone have to agree on this though, it can get pretty boring sometimes and many times I’ve felt like I just wanna slap some colour and prints in their minds!

Well let me tell you, this place called London is like another world. I swear if you feel bored, just hit the streets and you’ll be entertained by just looking at people’s outfits and how everyone is dressed in their own way. My little cousin for instance, the girl can wear about what seems like ten different colours at once and still not look like a complete clown! The thing with London is that it’s the home of so many new up and coming designers who influence people that no one is afraid of being different! You’re more or less considered a freak in Sweden if you’re different, but here it’s more like if you’re NOT different you’re a freak or there is nothing to you or you’re just simply boring! People here know what being an individual is and they embrace it. My point? It's something people on the other side of the sea should learn for shizzle, have some fun damn it!
With love from Londonstan.
Pictures from the london paper.

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