Te amo.

I have never been a big fan of Dolce Gabbana. I always thought they were too much, too italian. Something that was never very appealing to me...that is until.
Until their Autum/Winter 09/10 collection. Being the belt girl that I am, I love those decked out waistbelts on all the dresses and I want them! I had to include a picture of a wedding type of dress they did as well...just divine, like a little fairytale. And the bubble pink dress with the black waistbelt...ah no words.
BUT being the hater that I sometimes can be I have to say intervention ASAP to the pyjama suits. Props for thinking outside the box but why would anybody in their right mind wear pyjamas outdoors, silk or no silk? Not hot Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana. Not hot.
Check it out for your self at style.com
With love from Londonstan.

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