So yesterday me and a friend decided to do some craftwork. I can't even remember the last time I did crafts, it's been a while! But it's really fun, I love to do stuff with my hands (no naughty thoughts now). My love for crafts really showed off...this is what I made

Because I'm a great friend I made double of every bracelet, because my friend only managed to make one bracelet but it broke... It was really fun, you really get into these things and can't really stop. We have a couple of bracelets left to do ( we ran out of material). We bought some of the material in Pärlshoppen in Hansacompagniet (in Malmö). The tools and some of the material are bought in Turkey where stuff like this are much cheaper. So if your ever in Turkey and love crafts buy material there.

Peace out from Malmö

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA :$ lovee yaa biiicch dont forget my fatimas hand :p

  2. stupid little kitty cat ! i hate cats maybe thats the reason why i didnt managed to make it