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I needed new make up and saw an add of Sheer Cover. I did some research about it and it seemed to be a really good product. The best thing was that you didn't only get the foundation, but a little start package. It seemed to be a little too good. I found out that it even airs on the infomercial so I got a little bit suspicious but I decided to go ahead and order a start package. I got the delivery really quick and I was so excited to try it out. I ordered the medium but it also comes in light, tan and dark.

The Sheer Cover start package contained:
  • 2 mineral foundations in two colours of choice
  • Concealer
  • 4 brushes: one powder brush, travel brush, contouring brush, concealer brush
  • Conditioning cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Creamy lip and eye collection with a brush
  • Mascara black/brown
  • Tryouts with 6 highlighters
  • DVD, on how to put on the make up
Woow..sounds good right? The first time I was going to put on the make up I watched the DVD. They basically showed you how to put on the make up but it looked really silly and it was nothing that I didn't know before. If you ever tried make up in your life (witch I think you have) then there is nothing for you on the DVD! They also showed how to put on day and night make up, but I couldn't even see any difference between the two. You could see the fakeness and that they were all actors trying to sell the products.
I took the brush to put on the make up and was hoping for a Sheer Cover.....but I'm still waiting.
Lets break it down the product is SHIT! It doesn't matter how much foundation you take it doesn't cover at all considering that the name is Sheer Cover it should cover but I guess that the sheerness is so sheer that it's invisible. The concealer doesn't cover, it doesn't melt into the skin and it looks dry. The eye and lip compact looks really cheap it looks like something that you bought from the one-pound store (even the one-pound store has better). I haven't even tried the mascara because it looked TOO cheap for my eyelashes. The shittiest thing of all was that you didn't even get the "main brush" the kabuki brush. You had to buy it separately.
According to their website they promise that the Sheer Cover will hide fine lines, give radiance to your skin and give you the cover that you wish for. All this is bullshit, it gives you a hint of colour but it don't cover anything. I even gave it to a friend to try but she disliked it as well.
Oh yeah the foundation smells like dill (I don't want my face to smell like a food market).
My tip is: If you want a mineral powder you should buy i.d minerals or youngblood!

Guest writer: Sedus

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