Shoe Mania

I couldn't resist these leather wedge shoes from HM, cheap and fab!

Black patent leather and suede heels from Office. They have been kind to me.

My 70's inspired suede shoes with wooden heels from Firetrap. True love my friends, true love.

Beauties from Zara.

So irresistible, and delicious and lovely and loyal, and never changing and always there through thick and thin. I can rely on you always. I know I can wake up three in the morning and I would still find you there. I would never worry about not finding you where I want to. I promise I will always have your back, or heel. My wonderful shoes, thank you for being you.

Okay, I got a bit emotional there. I'm not gonna lie. I am a girl who L.O.V.E a good pair of heels. They are like pieces of art that I can look at and adore forever and ever. They can transform any outfit and give you killer legs. What more can a woman ask for? Here are the latest in my collection.
P.S - Sorry about some of the foggy pictures, and don't say it I know it's time for a pedi!
With love from Londonstan.

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