Wild strawberries

We all know a shower can be so relaxing. But don't forget to use good products to get rid of that old and dirty skin. New in my bathroom are these two wonderful products from Björk & Berries. The smell is unbelievable I wish you could smell it threw the computer. It smells like wild strawberries and the smell just makes you want to eat the entire bottle instead of using it as a shower gel. I also bought a friend to accompany the shower gel, a lotion. It's also available as a body butter.
Björk & Berries is a new Swedish brand that specialize in beauty, skincare and fragrance. They also have hair care and scented candles. All their products have 100% natural fragrance that smell unbelievable. Maybe because they are hand picked across Sweden? There are no animalistic ingredients in their products and are not tested on animals.
If your interested you can buy it in Åhlens City or in their shop.
Buy and try for yourself!

Peace out from Malmö

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