Sometimes love comes around..

I've stopped dating (maybe because nobody is asking me out?) because I'm so sick of not getting a second date. A first date is often with somebody that you don't know that well, right? So that means that you sit and tell this person (that you don't know that well) all about you and your life. Maybe even some personal things. And then when the date is over, and you don't get that call..what does that mean? Well let's break it down...First, you met this person that you don't know ( you just liked the way he looked, maybe not even that) And you tell him stuff about you. So when he doesn't call..well that probably or definitely means HE the person you don't know and doesn't know you, did NOT like you!
So my point here is not that my heart bursts by one hoe not calling me BUT that this same hoe DID NOT LIKE MY PERSONALITY and my way of life. I mean that just makes my heart burst out and bleed endlessly. Damn, way to put a girl down man. But don't be afraid there will always be another hoe waiting around the corner to break you DOWN Down down.

That's why I came up with this brilliant idea..WAIT FOR IT.. WAIT...
Well, if somebody asks you out you just simply turn them down! This doesn't mean you will become an old hag with 7 cats and a parrot. No No No! If a guy asks you out on a date you say no to the date! Not on going out. Are you with me? So you "NO, I don't go on dates" but I would love to see you as a friend! I mean this makes the guy want you even more and want to prove himself to you.
So what argument do I have for this insanity? Well listen, if you go out with a guy on a date and it doesn't turn out to be a match between you to then you often have to "avoid" each other and be like "yeah, we went on a date..he's a total lozah". If you go out as friends you can grown into a relationship maybe just a friendly one or maybe a love affair. I mean it doesn't hurt you to get some new friends. And even if you're just friends for now you're relationship can always grow into something bigger and better, if it's meant to be!
So to sum it up don't hate people appreciate them instead.. for the hoez individuals that they are!

Ps: 2 all the people that turn you down

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