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Im a real beauty junkie. I love trying different beauty products to see what works and what doesn't work.
Often I buy stuff that are really shitty and really don't work, even though I've read good things about them.
So now im letting you know what to buy and what not to buy! Starting with this nail and hands special.

Im an recovered nailbiter. Yes, Im proud I got my hands out of my mouth once and for all!
So now Im sharing some of my secrets on how to get great looking nails in no time at all.

Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle
About 2 years ago I bought my first Sally Hansen nailpolish, the nailgrowth miracle.
And im telling you, this is one of those products that really work. And it works really good,
you just need to stick to it. There will be no miracles in just one day!
Have patience and you will se results i promise! Within a week you will see your nails growing , just keep them out of your mouth if you are a nailbiter.
It even makes you nails really hard and unbreakable.
So how does it work then? Well apply a coat on clean nails once every second day, when you have three cotes remove and start over again. And let the polish do it's magic!
The only negative side to this is that due to all this nailpolish your nails can tun into a yellow shade and the nail can get a bit dry. But this is not a big problem and can easily be covered with
nail polish.

Sally Hansen maximum growthpen
Another product from Sally my girl! This is a cuticle and nail moisture treatment.
It's really easy to apply on you nails and it's fun.
Im addicted to applying it.
It's a oil that you should aply on you cuticles and massage it in.
It gives moisture to you dry cuticles and at the same time it makes your nails grow. A great two in one product. This is a great option if you don't want to use the nail growth miracle and risk yellow nails due to much consumption of nailpoilish. And it has a nice subtle sent to it.

Mavala cuticle remover
A great product to get your nails started on a healthy lifestyle. The first thing you should do to make your nails look great is to get rid of those horrible cuticles that have grown and taken over your nails completely and made them look smaller then they are.
This is a product that gently eliminates the dead skin and makes it easy for you to push back and cut of with a nail clipper.

Mavala nailpoilsh
I love this nailpolish! Mostly because they come in these small bottles and are very inexpensive. You can buy different colours and experiment.
Because the bottles are so small they don't dry out as fast as other nailpolishes.
My latest purchase are these three summer colours; light pink, beige and a peach color.

This is the best hand cream I've ever tried! It's great but the prise is a bit to high. It makes your hands so soft and moist and feel so nice.
The cream absorbs itself into the skin but still leaves it feeling so moist without feeling sticky.
This hand cream is not just to make you'r hands soft and moist, but helps damaged hands come to life.

This is what the cream does for you
  • Reduces the appearance of thin, veiny, parchment-like skin on the back of the hands.
  • Visibly improves the appearance of age spots and unsightly discolorations.
  • Restores the appearance of youthful texture, tone and firmness.
  • Protects the hands from environmental factors (UVA II and UVB protection) while reducing the visible signs of aging.

Home Spa :tricks and tips
Fast improvement on your nails without breaking a sweat!

One important thing when using nailpolish is how you remove it.
I recommend that you buy a nailpolish remover without acetone, oil, colour and perfume.
Oil, colour and perfume can cause discolouration on you nails or leave stains on the nails.
Acetone can cause the nail to get porous and damage the natural layers on the nail.
I use a nailpolish from Depend which is for natural nails.

Soft hands in seconds! This endless question on how to get those soft and luscious hands.
My best trick is to use a foot file after a bath.
Use the foot file to softly scrub away hard skin on your palms.
Use the softer side of your foot file. After gently rubbing away the hardness on the palms apply your favorite hand cream and put on your gloves too keep the the hands moist and makes the hand cream really get in there and do it's work.

Peace out from Malmö

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