OPI hand cream

I'm always on a hunt for more good beauty products. But I'm a hard critic and I want my products to be the best! So I bought this hand cream from OPI a while back and the first thing I noticed when I put it on was the horrible smell! Damn..smelly cat is running free! It has this funky smell like old creams have..and I'm not the only one that has noticed the smell. Everytime I put it on somebodys nose gets a shock. The cream is very light and absorb pretty fast into you hands..leaving them feeling a bit dry. I know it sounds weird but it feels like you have to apply the cream a couple of times to get that conditioned feeling but even then they don't feel so moist. The creams work is to revitalize, soothe and condition dry hands and skin. With the help from penetrating advanced avocado lipid complex, antioxidants, vitamin c and soothing allantoin and aloe. Well all of these names sound really good but what do they do? Well to sum it up in one word..they give softness to you hands. I'm not a fan of this hand cream and will not buy it again I can't stand that awful smell it gives me a headache.
But if your still interested I bought it in Åhlens City.

Peace out from Malmö

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