London's back ya'll!

Just like dear Malmo, I haven't been able to post anything for quite some time. I have been swamped with deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines from uni. It has been beyond horrible let me tell you. Throughout this entire time one question was circulating my mind. Who the hell makes the university rules??? It's like they're on a mission where they want as many students as possible to fail! I mean why would you put all deadlines in one week and have us do nothing for the rest of semester?? Stupid if you ask me. And the funny thing is that this is gonna start over again in about three weeks when we have exam week. Yippie! Anyway, whoooosa! I'm gonna stop complaining, had to vent for a second there.
I have some new things for you so keep yourself updated!
With love from Londonstan!

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